Interfil® offers a complete turnkey private label filter programs, as well as white label programs. Our state-of-the-art, streamline process, has been perfected over the last two decades to ensure we deliver the highest value in terms of quality, time-to-market, and price. Launching a new private label program or resourcing an existing one is rather a strategic decision with far-reaching implications. It is a strategic commitment in terms of branding, inventory, and customer relations.

Our process begins with a feasibility evaluation, product specification, pricing, and gross margins, while considering industry requirements, branding and application coverage, package design and specification, quality control, logistics, and distribution service. Our portfolio includes many of the leading national private label programs. Currently, we provide the following services to all of our private label customers.

Product Specification
Interfil® offers various levels of quality and performance from economy to super premium. We also offer customized performance to meet specific requirements.
Manufacturing and Quality Control
Starting with inbound raw materials and components through production and finished goods.
First-to-Market – Be Ahead
Rapid and timely program updates to provide comprehensive first to market coverage for automotive applications.
Assistance in determining product categories as well as application coverage.

Added Value Services

Our hybrid platform utilizes a direct import channel while maintaining a domestic backup inventory to cover any unforeseen or fluctuating demand as well as slowing moving items. Encompassing container loads, truck loads, LTLs or small-parcels, our tailored distribution solutions offer maximum flexibility to meet the rapid changes in the industry.
In-the-field and remote training sessions for your company’s sales and counter teams as well as your installers and technicians.
Industry standard – ACES and PIES – data creating, updating, and distribution.
Package Design
Creation of innovative and dynamic package designs with market appeal.
Customer Tech Support Hotline: +52 55 1090 1389