Precisely engineered for maximum oil flow and dirt holding capacity, Premium Guard Extended Life oil filters provide optimal engine performance and longevity as well as enhanced fuel economy. Utilizing synthetic resin media, our EX Series offers up to 10,000 miles* of engine protection with 99% efficiency** over the life of the filter. For ultimate performance and benefits, the use of full synthetic motor oil is recommended.

*If used with synthetic oil

**per ISO-4548-12

  • Extended Life filtration media delivers up to 10,000 miles* of superior engine protection.
  • 99% multi-pass efficiency** removes particles as small as 25 microns.
  • High capacity for trapping and holding containments.

*If used with synthetic oil

**per ISO-4548-12

    • 0.5 mm thick steel cans withstand high pressure operating conditions.
    • Rough surface for enhanced grip provided by durable, powder-coated paint.
    • All spin-on oil filters are equipped with a relief valve to prevent oil starvation.

    • High quality base plate made from galvanized steel.
    • Roll tap formed precision thread helps prevent fatigue due to vibration.

    • Silicone gasket unaffected by extreme temperatures (-40°F to 400°F).
    • Silicone anti-drain back valve with high retention power for protection during star-ups.


    We have capitalized on partnerships with our manufacturers by combining our buying power to source quality raw materials while keeping our cost low.

    Our Standard Interfil® filters are engineered for:

              • Traditional oil change intervals of up-to 5,000 miles.
              • Optimal for use with conventional and synthetic blend oil.
              • 93% multi-pass efficiency at 25 microns.